Hear Now Rx - An Amazing Hearing Supplement That Can Help Restore Poor Hearing!

Listen Carefully To What You Will Learn!

Dispelling the following myths will certainly change your perspective

MYTH #1   Gradual hearing loss is inevitable and normal with aging

There is absolutely no reason why your hearing has to decline with age! In fact, a considerable population between the age of 35-64 deals with some form of hearing loss.

The majority of the people resign themselves to belive there's absolutely nothing they can do to help correct poor hearing or lessen the hollow ringing in their ears. This couldn't be farther from the truth!

What you're about to learn about is a solution that can actually help make a difference to your hearing challenges. So out aside everything you've been told in the past and take action now to begin working towards better hearing!

MYTH #2   Hearing loss is permanent

Hearing loss regardless of cause does not always have to be permanent! For most folks unfortunately, the issues of hearing less becomes a way of life.

It's all too easy to go through life barely being able to hear and assuming there's nothing that you can do to resolve it.

Fortunately, with the addition of critical nutrients and common-sense care you can take the necessary steps towards improved hearing!

MYTH #3   Nutrients can't help correct hearing loss or eliminate noises in the ear

Most people think that the only way their hearing will ever improve is to continue to rely on what they know and have used in the past. However, many times these options could actually make your hearing worse!

Science has verified that there are now special nutrients that can actually improve hearing deficiency and ease the noises occuring within your ears. The key for this to occur however, is to ensure you have the correct nutrients in the correct combinations and equally important, in the correct dosage levels.

Previously, Ginkgo Biloba was the only "go-to" herb for any improvement in hearing health. But now with the current breakthrough of new natural ingredients that hadn't been previously used, you can obtain even more positive benefits to your hearing health!

Have you unfortunately encountered any of the following challenges?

Annoying Others With The TV Volume?

Constant Buzzing Or Ringing?

Always Needing People To Speak Louder?

A Very Embarassing Situation

Please don't let this to happen to you!

I knew was fooling myself that my hearing was fine. I'd been having trouble for quite some time but just didn't want to admit it and resign myself to a hearing device. But it all came to a head one night at my sister's house...unfortunately, a night I'll never forget!

My wife and I had gone over to play cards with my sister and brother-in-law and some friends. It was a pleasant night and small talk went back and forth between us throughout. I knew I wasn't catching everything that was said but I felt I was at least holding my own throughout the conversation. That is until I experienced what I feel was the most mortifying moment in my life.

One of my sister's friends was talking at that time and said how her husband was a nice dancer... at least that's what I thought she said. Wanting to be active in the conversation I replied that I was glad to hear that but that I'd never had a knack for dancing.

The room went silent as everyone looked straight at me. I couldn’t possibly imagine what the problem was as everyone looked extremely uncomfortable. Luckily, my brother-in-law broke the silence by asking if he could refresh everyone’s coffee. Thankfully that seemed to get everything back on track although I could tell my wife was upset.

Shortly thereafter our gathering broke up and as we made our way back to our car I asked my wife what had happened. She waited until we were safely in the car and asked me "Do you know what that woman actually said? She didn't say that her husband was a nice dancer...she said her husband was fighting cancer! And because you couldn't hear her clearly, you responded back that you were glad to hear it! Can you imagine how she and her husband felt after that? They were simply mortified!"

That was last last straw for me! Once I realized what I had said because of my poor hearing I decided it was time to do something about it.

Dealing with hearing loss creates so many embarrassing moments for not only those with hearing challenges but also those around. Don't let your hearing loss cause you to encounter similar situations or cause you to withdraw from social interactions.

For years you've been hearing great and then it happens...all of a sudden you notice a marked change in your ability to hear clearly. Then, within a few months your hearing deteriorates until it's difficult to make out even the loudest of sounds.

Many of these problems can stem directly from a lack of the critical nutrients that your ears and body require to properly perform. Thankfully, scientific initiatives have identified key ingredients that can help nourish, protect, and maximize your hearing and your health, regardless of your age!! Together, these nutrients can help reduce inner ear cell death, boost circulation to your ears, quiet annoying ringing and buzzing, and even help relieve noise-induced hearing loss.

Like the other organs in your body, your ears require a steady flow of nutrients and boosters to support their optimal performance. If for some reason, this nutrient flow is interrupted because of poor circulation or other issues, cells can become damaged, leading to hearing problems.

Take This Brief Hearing Quiz!

Are Your Ears Telling You They Need Help?

  1. Do you frequently say “what” or “huh”?
  2. Do you misunderstand names, numbers, or directions?
  3. Is it difficult to follow a conversation when more than one person is talking?
  4. Do you frequently ask people to speak louder?
  5. Do you have a problem hearing telephone conversations?
  6. Are you constantly turning the TV or radio volume up, louder and louder?
  7. Do you hear any ringing or hissing sounds in your ears regularly?
  8. Do you have trouble hearing if there is background noise?

If you responded "YES!" to any of these questions you may have a hearing issue.

What Options Do You Have To Help Your Hearing And Ears?


While ear surgery may be absolutely required in some cases, the overwhelming majority of the time it's not an appropriate solution. Surgeries and implants are extremely invasive and carry both a high cost and oftentimes, high risk. It's important to keep in mind that none of these remedies are foolproof or make a commitment to their success.

And even if surgical procedures worked flawlessly 100% of the time without any possible risk (which of course they don't!), the prohibitive cost associated with any surgery would place it completely out of reach for most people.

Hearing Devices?

Frequently, hearing devices are used as a "quick and easy way" to address hearing loss. But the quality of sound is often dependent on the amount of money spent on the devices themselves. It's not unusual to spend thousands of dollars for hearing aids in the hope that they'll offer some level of relief...and they don't often do!

And the maintenance associated with hearing aids is extensive. The constant cleaning of earwax, ongoing need for batteries, volume and interference challenges and dirt and moisture are just some of the issues that have to be dealt with regularly. Not to mention that many people want to avoid hearing devices because they feel it makes them "look old".

Introducing Hear Now Rx!

Hear Now Rx is an amazing hearing breakthrough that could help you to hear crystal clear! It's a natural hearing remedy that actually helps improve the health of your ears!

The best part of this breakthrough is that you now have a formula that really works. One that works towards helping nourish your ears back to health without drops, wax cleanings, sound-reducing devices, hearing aids or invasive surgeries!

Thanks to the latest scientific achievments in nutraceuticals, our labs have been able to source the most potent hear-saving nutrients in the world. Read on to learn more about the key nutrients and ingredients in Hear Now Rx!

Not Every Hearing Formula Is Alike

Hear Now Rx's Next Generation Breakthrough Formula Blend Has The Necessary Nutrients To Help Improve Your Hearing!

If you really want to make a difference with your hearing issues, then Hear Now Rx has what it takes! No other formula comes with these proven hearing-saving ingredients and every one of these nutrients has been carefully researched and evaluated by our panel of experts and hearing specialists!

Hear Now Rx has eight Power Blend nutrients designed to give you the maximum effectiveness!

Power Blend #1

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL: A compound that maintains mitochondrial bio-energy and integrity that helps protect the neurons of the brain and ears from free radical oxidative stress.

Power Blend #2

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha Lipoic Acid and N-Acetyl L-Carnitine are the "dynamic duo" of anti-aging nutrients. The benefits noted include improvements in age-related memory loss, positive changes for poor hearing and decreased oxidative stress.

Power Blend #3

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine: A nutrient that rapidly metabolizes into intra-cellular glutathione. Glutathione creates powerful antioxidant activity in the body. This amazing nutrient works effectively to neutralize free radical stress that takes place in the inner cells in the ear.

Power Blend #4

L-Arginine: An amino acid that converts easily into nitric oxide, resulting in blood vessel relaxation (vasodilation). Nitric oxide has been shown to improve blood flow to the inner ear and help diminish age-related hearing loss or unwanted noises.

Power Blend #5

Vinpocetine: Known to help poor hearing symptoms due to impaired blood flow to the inner ear. It helps inhibit a key enzyme while reducing intra-cellular calcium levels. This process allows brain blood vessels to open and increase the amount of blood flowing through them.

Power Blend #6

Butcher's Broom Extract: A powerful herb known to enhance blood circulation to the brain, legs and hands. This mixture of sterols, fatty acids and phenolic substances are effective nutrients in helping constricted blood vessels.

Power Blend #7

Ginkgo Biloba Extract: A critical herbal extract that has been shown to improve blood flow to the inner ear, act with antioxidant activity to fight off cell stress, and to improve age-related memory loss.

Power Blend #8

Coenzyme Q10: This has powerful antioxidant properties that can be 30 to 100 times more effective than Vitamin E. CoQ10 plays a very important role in the production of energy helping to protect your cells from low oxygen during periods of reduced blood flow that occurs with poor hearing.

And There's Even More That Goes Into Hear Now Rx...

Twelve More Super Nutrients To Help Protect Your Hearing Health!

If you really want to make a difference with your hearing challenges then Hear Now Rx has what it takes to help! No other formula comes with this many proven hearing-saving ingredients.

And along with the eight Power Blend ingredients included within Hear Now Rx, you also get an additional 12 ingredients! Here are the key benefits they provide to ensure the optimal level of hearing benefits.

  • Ipriflavone - To help strengthen age-related bone loss and increase bone health within the inner ear

  • Niacin - To help increase blood oxygen concentration to the inner ear

  • Zinc - To help support and strengthen the cochlear bones

  • Magnesium - To help protect the nerves and bones of the inner ear

  • Vitamin B12 - To help maintain blood and nerve function

  • Folic Acid - To help support energy production in hearing cells and promote blood circulation to the inner ear

  • Vitamin D - To help combat Vitamin D deficiency and support the tiny bone of the ears that can lead to age-related hearing loss

  • Thiamine - To help offer relief from unwanted noises by stabilizing the nervous system; especially in the inner ear

  • Plus several other essential vitamins and minerals - Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and Pantothenic Acid

Hear Now Rx is a breakthrough hearing solution specially formulated by Riverhead Bisocience to help with hearing difficulties!

The powerful nutrients comprised within Hear Now Rx work towards acheiving these healthy hearing benefits:

Health Benefit #1

With this single formula you get the antioxidant activity needed to neutralize naturally formed free radicals that are known to damage cells in both your body and inner ears.

Health Benefit #2

You get a supplement that can improve your overall circulation, thereby speeding the flow of essential nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to your ears. Every part of your ear is protected and nourished to improve hearing volume and reduce bothersome noises you might have in your ears.

Health Benefit #3

Hear Now Rx and it's unique ingredients have been put through intensive quality testing to provide the maximum potency and bioavailability. Hear Now Rx has been recommended to deliver the most effective results you can find.

Health Benefit #4

The ability to potentially save thousands of dollars from having to purchase costly hearing devices or resort to prescription drugs. Natural solutions to hearing problems is often the most safe and effective way to improve hearing health.

Bonus Health Benefit

In addition to the benefits you receive for your hearing, these great natural nutrients and the enhanced blood circulation can help provide better cognitive performance, concentration and mental clarity!

With Hear Now Rx and it's powerful blend of nutrients you can take the steps necessary to begin hearing better now!

Think about how hearing better will improve your quality of life as you begin to re-enjoy those special moments and pleasures of life that you'd been missing!

Hearing every special word from your grandchildren!

Watching television at a volume everyone can enjoy!

And don't forget about these possible benefits too!

Preserve your independence

Feel comfortable in social activities again

Stop having people repeat themselves

Hear a phone conversation clearly

Sleep better at night without the ringing in your ears

Enjoy seeing a play or a movie without difficulty

Hear Now Rx Is Your Solution For Healthy Hearing!

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