OcuMax HD Plus - The Natural Supplement For Your Eyes!

Have you given up hope on correcting your eyesight problems?

These facts will certainly change your mind

FACT #1   Declining or loss of eyesight is NOT an inevitable part of aging

Most folks believe that over time they're going to have to wear stronger and stronger eyeglass lenses and there is simply nothing that they can do about it.

That's why it's important never to let your vision get continually worse. Regardless of your age or condition of your vision you should always take steps to try to correct it.

FACT #2   Vision loss or weakening eyes need NOT be permanent

Isn't it sad that every year you go to your eye doctor, place a hand over one eye and realize that you can't read even the easiest of alphabet letters? Then you explain to the doctor how much more difficult it's become to read a book or watch a movie on television.

So what do most eye doctors do? They pull out their pads and invariably write you a stronger eye lens prescription.

What you're about to discover today is that the frustration of poor vision is not forever! Science has clearly demonstrated that certain nutrients can make a huge difference in your vision health and give you a chance to reduce your dependence on eyeglasses!

FACT #3   Your eyes DON'T have to get weaker every year

Do you go into your ophthalmologist's office year after year and hear you need stonger lenses? For most of you this is very common. One of the problems is that wearing your glasses all the time tends to weaken your vision as you grow more and more dependent on them. As your eyes adjust to the magnification of your glasses the muscles in your eyes lose their strength to do the job on their own.

So it only makes sense to minimize the use of your glasses as much as you can. That's where OcuMax HD Plus can help. This amazing eye-saving formula can help with strengthening the health of your eyes.

FACT #4  Special nutrients CAN help solve your vision troubles

It's true! Natural supplements can really help towards repairing your vision loss! And yes, there are new special breakthrough nutrients that are different than anything you may have taken before. But it's critical that for these natural ingredients to work they must be delivered with the correct dosage levels.

Crucial nutrients like Lutein and Zeaxanthin have been documented to validate their power and effectiveness in repairing poor vision. That's why it's important you don't settle for less!

Have you unfortunately encountered any of the following challenges?

Blurry Vision When Driving?

Straining To See The Screen?

Trouble Seeing Where You Walk?

Always Needing Magnification?

Could this become your story???

Here's an unfortunate story that happened a few months ago but tragically seems like only yesterday. A patient of mine named Grace came into the office feeling terribly depressed. Now, Grace is a person that was usually quite happy whenever I saw her, however this day was different. I surmised that something serious was bothering her. My first thought was that it was either a family tragedy or a financial hardship.

Thankfully, it wasn't that bad...but to Grace it wasn't good! What had happened was that she had her driving privileges revoked.

I never really gave it much thought before, as to how much an impact this could have on someone's life. But after listening to her...it really hit home. So much of our lives depend upon driving - going grocery shopping...going out to dinner...getting to the pharmacy...and even going to the doctor.

So why were Grace's driving priviliges taken away? It was because she failed her eyesight examination horribly! And here's the bad news...Grace was even wearing her eyeglasses during the test!

It seems that Grace hadn't visited her ophthalmologist in nearly two years! And within that period of time her eyesight declined so severely that it's no wonder they refused to allow her to drive her car any longer.

I don't want this to happen to you!

Vision loss can be traumatic as it directly affects a person's ability to be independent and to participate in everday activities

Regularly nourishing your eyes with the proven benefits of vital nutrients helps to protect your eyes for sharper, clearer vision!

If you asked most people about their poor vision you would most likely get an answer to the effect that "Oh, that's just a byproduct of getting older!" But believe me, that statement doesn't need to be the truth!

In fact, much of poor vision actually stems from poor nutrition! That's why I've made it a priority to address the secrets of healthy vision by utilizing a breakthrough nutritional supplement to help ward off the breakdown of macular decline!

As you probably know, most folks with failing eyesight end up with a trip to the eye doctor only to discover they need either a stronger eyeglass prescription or even worse...surgery!

Do You Have Any Warning Signs Of Vision Issues?

  1. Does your eyesight get blurry when reading?
  2. Do you have trouble driving at night with or without glasses?
  3. Do you occasionall have eye "floaters" interfering with your vision?
  4. Are your eyes sensitive to bright lights when you go outside?
  5. Are your eyes dry and tired from reading or using a computer?
  6. Do your eyes twitch often?

Landmark Vision Studies from the National Eye Institute

Sponsored by the National Eye Institute at the National Institutes of Health, the AREDS and AREDS2 studies are the first of their kind which evaluated nutritional supplements and how they benefit eye health.

Completed in 2013, AREDS2 was a 5-year clinical study including thousands of patients. The AREDS and ARED2 studies showed that taking a supplement with a precise formula of select nutrients can help reduce the risk of progression in people with moderate to advanced AMD.

These groundbreaking studies clearly identified that nutritional supplements including Lutein and Zeaxanthin, can have a "direct and significant effect" on overall eye health. Because of the results of the AREDS and AREDS2 research, both eye care specialists and conventional physicians are forced to take serious notice of nutritional supplements.

Fortunately for you...because of the availability of these amazing supplements you don't have to be like the millions of people who resign themselves to the fact that fading eyesight is just a part of growing old.

You now have easy access to these nutritional supplements that can help your eyesight both safely and naturally.

Introducing OcuMax HD Plus!

OcuMax HD Plus is a breakthrough vision solution specially formulated by Riverhead Bisocience to help overcome declining eyesight!

Every Vision Formula Is Not The Same

OcuMax HD Plus TRIPLES The Dosage Of Key Nutrients!
A Perfect Example Of Why OcuMax HD Plus Is BETTER!

No other vision supplement on the market has done this.

If you're now taking a vision formula, I ask that look at that label. Hopefully, the nutrients Lutein and Zeaxanthin are in the formula. But from my research most supplements do not include both of them and many times these vital ingredients are formulated at very low dosages!

OcuMax HD Plus's Breakthrough Formula Has Something Very Special...And It's Making Other Products Obsolete!

Through the years there have been many natural solutions for vision health. I'm sure you have probably heard of them...bilberry, gingko biloba, blackcurrant, and eyebright. And yes, many of these are helpful nutrients. But honestly, most of these formulas are leaving you without the nutrients that can really make a difference.

If you're now taking a vision formula, I ask that you look carefully at that label. Hopefully, the nutrients Lutein and Zeaxanthin are in the formula.


This is a natural "super antioxidant" found in marigolds and is called a carotenoid. This potent nutrient helps protect your lens and macula from free radical damage. It's these free radicals that attack your blood vessels, the lens and the nerve cells of your eyes.


Another powerful carotenoid much like Lutein that also contributes to the antioxidant benefits of your eye. Your eye needs a high concentration of Zeaxanthin to help it absorb damage from high energy blue and ultraviolet light.

From our research most supplements do not include both of them and many times these vital ingredients are formulated at very low dosages.

In OcuMax HD Plus you get double the potency! With every serving size you get a full 20mg of Lutein and 2 mg of Zeaxanthin. This is what the studies indicate are necessary to get the job done and alleviate the breakdown of your macula and the loss of central vision.

BEWARE!!! Here's a trick that's often used to confuse you! One of the most common mistakes when reading these labels is not understanding how the dosage amounts are illustrated. They can sometimes be very misleading.

Example #1

Many vision formulas have Lutein, but they are often in dosages of 20, 30 or even 100 mcg. The problem with that is "mcg" stands for microgram, which is only 1/1000th of a milligram. And to be effective for healthy vision you need at least 10 milligrams of Lutein.

OcuMax HD Plus goes well beyond the basic requirements by doubling the amount of milligrams of Lutein to 20 mgs! When you read our label you'll see that OcuMax HD Plus has a total of 20 mgs of this vital nutrient.

Example #2

Most formulas will have only miniscule amounts of another important eye-saving antioxidant called Zeaxanthin. Ofthen these products will use only micrograms of nutrients to trick the consumer into believing there's a higher dosage level.

But OcuMax HD Plus was formulated to meet all the necessary guidelines with dosages that are represented in the original AREDS study with a full 2 milligrams of this nutrient.

There's Even More That Goes Into OcuMax HD Plus...

Bilberry Extract

This extract contains anthocyanocides that have been shown to possess strong antioxidant properties. Bilberry's beneficial effect includes the ability to improve oxygen and blood delivery to the eye and to scavenge free radicals that can disrupt collagen structures and contribute to poor eyesight. It's also helpful in helping the retina react to light changes and enabling better vision for night driving.


This is a high-powered antioxidant that comes from tomatoes. Along with lutein and zeaxanthin this natural supplement can also protect your cells and tissues from free radical damage. It's been shown that dietary tomatoes will have a protective effect on the oxidative stress in the retinal pigment epithelium.

9 More Super Nutrients To Improve Your Vision Acuity!

Every part of your eye needs to be safeguarded from the threat of free radical damage. Regardless of it's your macula, your retina, your lenses or optic nerves, every cell needs to be nourished to stay healthy.

And that's why OcuMax HD Plus offers not only four key vision-saving ingredients but also 9 more essential nutrients. Riverhead Bioscience ensured that nothing was omitted from this formula. So along with the antioxidants mentioned above, here are even more vision-correcting ingredients and the areas they address:

  • Eyebright - To promote healthly blood vessels around the eye and eyelid

  • Gingko Biloba - To help increase blood flow to the eyes

  • Rutin - To improve circulation for maintaining healthy pressure in the eyes

  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid - To improve visual function

  • Zinc - To help support the proper functioning of the retina of your eyes

  • Beta Carotene (Vitamin A)- To help boost night vision and fight eye fatigue

  • Vitamin C - To help reduce the risk of clouding lenses

  • Vitamin E - To support improved circulation around your eyes

  • Selenium - To maintain antioxidant protection from free radical damage

OcuMax HD Plus is a breakthrough vision solution specially formulated by Riverhead Bisocience to help overcome declining eyesight!

These powerful antioxidants contained within OcuMaxHD work towards acheiving these health benefits:

Health Benefit #1

With this formula you get over a dozen of the nost advanced nutrients that science has discovered to help improve your circulation and reduce sluggish and fatigued eyesight. The ingredients found in OcuMax HD Plus will help increase the blood flow to the tiny capillaries and tissues that are located in and around your eyes.

Health Benefit #2

The combination of super antioxidants found in the OcuMax HD Plus formula deliver the right amount of carotenoids to help fight off the radical damage that can be occurring in your your eyes. These nutrients help alleviate rertinal damage and will successfully reduce annoying blurry and cloudy vision.

Health Benefit #3

The OcuMax HD Plus formula provides special herbs that can help improve your night vision. By increasing photosensitive proteins in your retina these nutrients can stimulate your eyes to readjust from light to dark, improve depth perception and see colors and contrasts easier.

Health Benefit #4

OcuMax HD Plus's unique formula also provides all the nutritional components to help improve total vision correction. If you suffer with tired eyes, eye floaters, sensitivity to sunlight, dry eyes or cloudy vision then you can certainly benefit from the vision-enhancing advantages of this formula.

Health Benefit #5

OcuMax HD Plus is so powerful...so effective...imagine not having to visit the eye doctor every year for a stronger prescription. Imagine enjoying the activities you love without the concern of looking for a pair of eyeglasses. Yes! OcuMax HD Plus really works that well.


With OcuMax HD Plus and it's optimal dosage of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and other powerful antioxidants, you can now start to help yourself achieve better vision!

Imagine what healthy vision can mean for you. You'll be able to maintain crisp, detailed, colorful vision. And just think how it will feel to have more confidence, even when the sun is shining bright or you're out and about after dark. Consider some of the following situations:

Spending quality time with your grandchildren

Being able to get back to your love of reading books and magazines

Sharing that romantic moment with your partner while watching television or movies

And how about these benefits?

  • Easily following the flight of your golf ball
  • Spending time on the computer without eyestrain
  • Enjoying an outdoor event regardless of where you're seated
  • Driving with confidence, night or day
  • Sewing, knitting or needlepoint with ease
  • Experiencing the best of your life in full detail

Preserve Your Independence And The Joy Of Living With Sharper, Clearer Vision No Matter What Your Age!

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